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Expanding Your Network Horizontally

Ok, So now you have 500 Friends, What Now?...

If you have been busy collecting friends on face book and not spent the time to segregate and analyse them then you have wasted a huge opportunity. Now you will have to go back and plough through a huge unmanageable list to find the diamonds and gold nuggets that you let slip through your fingers.

Time is your most Valuable Asset

Your time is your most valuable asset on facebook and learning how to leverage it effectively is going to be something everyone who is serious about social network marketing will have to learn.

As yet no one has developed an application to do this for us and unless you want to pay a lot of money for Act or other contact management software you are going to have to do the job by hand.

I discovered a great post on Brian Campbell's fan page wall by Kim Fleming (Austin, TX) she has her privacy settings on so I couldn't thank her for this. I hope she contacts me after I publish this

here is her short article, I have edited it and added a few of my own comments


I wanted to show everyone my easy system for organizing their Friend List:

Organize Your Friend List

The Friend List is a private feature that only YOU can see. It is different from "Top Friends" or "Circle of Friends", which are optional applications.

The Friend List is an embedded feature in Facebook. Access it by following this path:

Go to FRIENDS on the top of your screen in your Facebook account

Click the drop-down arrow

Select "All Friends"

You will see a thumbnail (small picture) of each friend

The Friends List feature is on the right of the screen

It allows you to make a "new list", which is a way of organizing your friends.

Make Sub Lists

I made several "new lists" with these titles:

Categorise by Size







Categorise by Type

Centres Of Influence


Non-Internet Marketing

Not Active


Brian Campbell's Friends/fans


What do those numbers mean?

Those numbers indicate the number of friends someone has; for instance, a friend with 397 friends would go in the Friend List titled 200-500.

After you have grouped your Friends List by level of activity, you are in a better position to leverage your time. And develop a strategy each time you go onto facebook and you have finished your basic administration of accepting friends, joining groups and answering messages.

Keep in mind some very important things:

Are they Newbies?

1. Look over your list of friends in the lowest category, those with 1 to 200 friends. Are they NEW TO FACEBOOK? You could be their first impression of Facebook. Show them how to add your blog feed to their page; get them into your funnel. Tell them the best groups to join and what friending strategies to use and how not to get themselves banned

Look for the Overlap

2. When adding friends, make note of how many mutual friends you have. If the friend has 500 friends, but you only 5 friends in common, there are 495 new people who will see your comments to that person's Wall. On the other hand, if someone has 500 friends, of whom 475 are the same as yours, then only 25 new people will see anything you post to that friend's profile page.

Build Relationships

3. Build relationships once you add friends. Get to know them, this doesn't mean just slapping your profile on their wall as many people seem to be doing. I look upon this as close to spam. It means spending a few minutes looking at their profile, checking out their blogg and then writing something that grabs their interest and might initiate a reply. I often write on the wall and then send a message saying I have written on the wall, with a brief introduction of myself.


Be Attentive

That was a great piece of advice, its is so important to know where to spend your time. I make sure that as I add new friends I don't let any slip through the net, I need to know who everyone is, what their interests are, what business they are in, and how many friends they have.

More friends isn't necessarily better

What I discovered is having lots of friends isn't the most important factor. Don't get blasé when you reach 200 friends and think people with small friends lists aren't worth bothering with. Its quality not quantity that counts and often you will find someone who only has 30 or 40 friends but every single one of them is outstanding and has something in common with you.

High Value Profiles

After a while you can see what a high value profile looks like, its well organised, doesn't' t have lots of useless apps, every bit of real estate on the first 1-2 pages is highly optimised and geared to impress. Just having a professional photo on your profile says a lot about the person who is behind it. If you are targeting high income professionals to network with this is an easy way to move fast through someone else's huge list, just scroll down quickly and choose the people who jump out, It's what they intended by making their picture striking.

Be Yourself and Have Fun

I hope this has given you something to think about and set you to work exploring and getting to know your own list, the most important thing to remember is be yourself and have fun.

Don't get Banned

If you have a huge list or you manage several groups you stand the risk of getting banned if you send out too many messages in any one day. Facebook does not tolerate anyone marketing too agressively. Also cutting and pasting is a big No No. there is no quick way to get friends you have to do it the hard way unless you can make yourself famous and then people will flock to become your friend.

Build on a Solid Foundation

Provide valuable content, help as many people as you can and your reputation will slowly build itself on a solid foundation of relationships, friends and loyalties. A list of meaningless unknown faces that don't even know who you are is not a list you can leverage effectively.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Sacrifice and Giving away part 2

A Social Movement

Facebook and social networking are going to be a new platform that will bring change to the world, Mark Zukerberg is a visionary and understands that what he has created is a huge social movement. If the six degrees of separation experiment had been performed by someone who understood the need to control the distribution network then they would have an email list of 4 million people. It would be a valuable list for any marketer and also a valuable tool for any spiritual revolutionaries like myself . , If you have read my blogg post, knowing where to tap then you will understand that you, my small social network are my small hammer that If I tap in the right place will have huge effects to the whole global consciousness engine. The affluent and powerful decision makers of the world are now accessible for the first time to anyone who understands how to use the system.

Customer relationships

Now getting back to what I began this discussion about which is how to adopt the sacrifice and service mindset in our lives and in our businesses. If you look at some of then recent trends in retailing it is clear that companies that focus on the needs of their customers and develop relationships with them will always be more successful than those that just see their customers as something to extract as much money as they can from.

People are your Business

I would like to keep our focus on our immediate social network level before we get into direct business strategies. Let’s take some of the everyday interactions on facebook and see how they can be enhanced with this new knowledge. Remember your extended social network probably contains your customer base, your future business partners and potential employees. What can you do to start building those relationships in a strategic way right now that might not give you huge rewards immediately but will pay off in the long run?

Practical Exercise

For those of you who want a practical exercise here is a small project to complete. Set yourself a deadline so you can define a clear timeframe by which you will have carried out all the steps. I then want you to leave some feedback and comments on what you have discovered about yourself and any exciting or interesting things that happened. Either leave them on the blogg or add them under this post on the group page

Step 1

I want you to take a look at your friends list and pick 3 people at random who you would like to develop a deeper relationship with. Preferably people who you don't know very well. Now for each person, I want you to make a list of all the things that you think you might be able to get out of that friendship, what qualities and talents do they have that you need for your business or personal development. Go into as much detail as possible, and imagine how happy you would be getting that person to give you what you want.

Step 2

Now I want you to hold that list up, and rip it into pieces and forget completely the Idea that you are going to benefit in any way, throw the bits away or burn them.

Step 3

The next step is to go and message each person and find ask them what you can give to them, Develop a conversation and offer to help them. Make sure you are fully adopting an attitude of wanting nothing in return. You are going to offer your help, advice or services completely for free. Just out of the goodness of your heart.

Step 4

Leave feedback, this is probably the most important part of this exercise because you are then giving away something of lasting value to this community, you are sharing your insights and experiences so that others might benefit. Do not omit this step!

Potential Problems

Now some of you might hit against some snags in that the other people don't trust you, they suspect you have some ulterior motive or want to sell them something. I want you to observe how that makes you feel, and also try and work out a way to change your behaviour so that you are seen as being genuine. Be totally honest, and if all else fails tell them about the exercise you are doing and why.

Deliberately Breaking The Rules

What you may discover is that most people who network always have a desire for some beneficial outcome for themselves. This attitude limits the possibilities of the relationship, everyone knows the rules and the social interactions become more like a business deal each person making sure they get an equal exchange for what they are giving. What you are doing is deliberatly breaking the rules.


Learning to Sacrifice and give away Part 1

One thing that all students of synergetics must understand is the concept of sacrificing your immediate personal gain in preference of actions and behaviours that strengthen the group or network.

In Nature

It is a principle that we can see around us in nature all the time like when an ant will sacrifice its life to act as a bridge for the other ants in its colony to walk across. Sacrifice also occurs when a female animal will give up her own life protecting her offspring from predators .

In Human Societies

We can see it occur again and again throughout history and is represented as the archetype of the Martyr. Jesus is I guess the most easy to recognize, The Archetypal symbolism and message of sacrificing his own life has been carried through history for over 2000 years. The Buddhists have their own sacrificial archetype in The Bodhisattva, a being who sacrifices their own liberation and enlightenment to help the rest of humanity achieve the same. In Native American cultures giving away is seen as a very great thing to do and they have developed ceremonies just for that purpose. In India, Hindus have a very strong tradition of giving away, they call it "Dana" and every one does it, it’s built into the society and cultural values. Most people give to the poor, give to sadhu's and spiritual mendicants and give to their gurus and teachers. No one ever has to ask, it just happens


In our modern competitive western world these concepts and ways of behaviour have been totally lost, in the capitalist , attention seeking, celebrity, me culture, getting to the top for personal or financial success are often what is deemed the most important. Philanthropy is only practiced by the extremely wealthy and then often only for tax purposes. The practice of tithing has thankfully seen a recent revival but is sadly only a drop in the ocean compared to the selfishness that prevails in the world today.

Service Mindset

I would like to get everyone to understand that synergetic relationships cannot be developed until you have truly dropped this type of selfish mental pattern and adopted a service mindset. In the past all true spiritual traditions would have selfless service to others as their major pillar. Look at your life now and all the actions that you performed in the past week. How many times have you acted knowing that you were looking after your own best interests? I want you to stop right now and write down any examples that come to mind. If you have to go back into the past month or the past year that is OK but make sure you have a good personal example to work with.

Expand your Perspective

Now taking your example I want you to expand your view of the situation you were in, expand it out to include not just yourself but all the components in the system. All the people and all the issues that were surrounding the situation. I will give you a personal example to illustrate, One day I made myself a sandwich and when I went to get the bread there was only 2 slices left, Now I was particularly hungry so I ate them both. Ignoring the fact that my girlfriend was also hungry and would want to have some toast for her breakfast . When I expand outwards I have to identify the components of the system; from a personal perspective there was only me, the bread and my hunger. So the obvious solution was to eat both slices because I was hungry. When I start to expand my perspective outwards I see that there are other components in the system, namely my girlfriend, her hunger, my fear that there was not enough food for both of us, The potential conflict that might arise when she finds out I ate all the bread etc.

Zoom in and Out

You see when you zoom out your decision making strategy has to change because it is not just you in a single feedback loop there are other components that have to be accounted for. Had I adopted a more expansive vision in this example I would have identified my girlfriends hunger into the equation and looked for possible solutions that would have made both of us happy, The social benefits of thinking about the needs of others has to be calculated. My girlfriend would feel loved and cared for by the fact that I was concerned about her going hungry which would be a positive feedback into how we were interacting with each other. Taking the selfish approach It might be just another minor annoying behaviour that triggers a huge argument and fight between us, damaging the quality of our relationship.

Ghengis Khan

A good example comes to mind along similar lines from the life of Genghis Khan. When he was a teenager his father was murdered and he and his family were banished from their tribe to starve in the wilderness. It was winter and Genghis, his older brother, three younger brothers, baby sister and mother had only a few simple tools and had to struggle to get enough food so they could survive. What Genghis discovered was that his older brother was going out hunting and was not sharing what he had caught, eating his prey on his own in secret and then coming back to the family group to claim his share of what the other brothers had brought back. Genghis took strict action by seeing that if he allowed his older brother to continue such behaviour they all would die so he conspired with his younger brother, and abashed and killed the one who was acting in such selfish ways.

Global Perspective

Let’s apply this to the world on a global scale and it becomes obvious that a lot of the dilemmas, economic, social and environmental problems we face as a species stem from this type of thinking pattern and organisation principle. It is repeated on all levels of human society.

What you can do

I hope that by now you will have understood the problem, so now the question becomes what we can do as individuals to change this. We can only really change the world by changing ourselves first. My personal intention is that if I can help you to understand and change your perspective and it is proven to make your life more successful and also your business then you will go out and teach others these same principles and it will spread to infect the whole globe. This is where social networking comes in. Right now if we had a perfect viral network with one email I could get this message distributed globally. Feel free to copy and paste this into an email and send it off, but only if you feel this article has any merits.

Please check out part 2 of this article where I suggest some practical exercises

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Why using Exit Viral Marketing Techniques might Seriously Harm your Business


As I am slowly becoming an expert in viral marketing techniques I thought it only wise to warn a few people of the dangers of joining certain groups like viral traffic explosion on facebook , or anyone who wants you to join a website chain letter based at or other similar schemes. While I do not know the actual details of the techniques I believe they work something like this, You add a piece of code to your website, and then submit your URL to the organizers who will then place your website at the bottom of a list of other websites similar to a standard chain letter. The one at the top of the list is removed and then it is up to you to recruit others below you to feed the viral chain. Anyone who has followed 6 degrees of separation will see that if others below you do the same then you are likely to get a lot of traffic to your site by the time you get to the top of the list.


In the meanwhile everyone who leaves your own website will be getting redirected to somewhere else, you are effectively agreeing to a virtual Hijack. This will almost certainly piss off your customers and put them off from ever returning to your site

While I have nothing against the organizers of these groups ( Isuspect they are just a bit naïve) , I feel it is my duty to warn others of the danger to their business reputation and the harm it might do to their website if they follow any schemes such as this.

Having a pop-up on exit code on your site is a very touchy matter. Many people dislike it, many people have popup blockers that will block it, and the scripts that handle it can't differentiate between someone who opened and then closed a new window to view one page of your site, from someone who actually left the site.


I would like you to look a bit further into the long term possible effects. I hope by now you realise that in your short term greed you might be damaging your long term future. How long do you think it will be before Google decides to black list all websites on which this code is installed. If you have a business or hope to have a business in the future, do you think it can survive and compete successfully if you suddenly find your self wiped from the SERPS and having to pay for all your traffic, months or even years of work can be erased overnight. Google have done similar things in the past , having this code on your sites will be a flag to all the googlebots that you are a spammer . It also wont take long for someone to invent an exit popup blocker that disables Java script and the cookie cache to prevent this method from working anyway, no matter if the organisers tell you its unblockable.

What will your customers think of your business if each time they come to your site they get high jacked and forced to go somewhere they don't want to.


I can see precisely how this kind of chain letter works on a structural level. I would also like you to think clearly how you plan to use such unfocussed and random traffic is it even going to convert for you. Not withstanding the social implications and the harm that might result, always ask yourself does doing this add any value to the Web. If you do decide to join these schemes, I would strongly urge you to protect yourself by setting up a separate redirect domain on a different hosting than your money site, so if you do get banned then you will only lose a pawn and not your king or queen. But there is no guarantee, remember google hires the top brains in the whole world. Do you really think you can outsmart them?


Another option to consider if you are determined to use exit popups is to get a package like virtual smart agent, at least that type of pop up will add some value to your business and might not piss your customers off so much. While you won't be harnessing the power of Viral marketing and be getting huge amounts of free traffic, you might be building a more stable long term business and developing real lasting relationships with your customers.

What I hate about so many of these Network Marketing Schemes is that so many unsuspecting people fall prey to their greed and never work out the mathematics or know who is really behind these schemes. Its pretty easy to create a fake profile and a fancy looking website. If you think you areever going to be the spider in the centre of the web, think again you will only ever be the fly caught in the trap, being slowly sucked dry. The real winners are the shady organisers of these schemes who dupe otherwise respectable people into spreading their message to their friends while they are monetising their free traffic by selling spaces on their lists to Viagra Sellers, Internet Porn companies and other Spam "Get Rich Quick" schemes.

Please feel free to copy this article and share to all your friends so they are fully informed of the potential dangers should they ever feel tempted.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

How Brian Campbell Read My Mind, or did I Read His?

I have just finished watching Brian Campbell's excellent new video series on about how to use Facebook
for growing your business and was surprised to see that he just outlined exactly the strategies that I have been using on Facebook over the past weeks. What is interesting is that although I have been doing exactly what he describes already I haven't been able to formulate it into a system In the way that he has done, I just don’t have his marketing background or training. I am a total facebook newbie, only 3 weeks, how did I become an expert so fast, and how did I know what strategies to adopt without even thinking about them? What I do understand is that although I have only exchanged a few emails and messages with Brian, it is clear to both of us that we are working from the same page. Its not like he read my mind or that I read his mind, there is only one mind and we both have access to it and act accordingly to its guidance and Instructions. I have been consciously activating my connection and have been amazed at the results that have just flowed from it. If you want to finf out more be sure to join my group on facebook,

"Build a Synergetic Network and Virally Explode your Business Potential"

Brian already knows what a viral monster he had just created and can't wait for this 37 day challenge to end when he can really untie his hands and start leveraging his already amazing results by engaging his ownpersonal lists and other marketing secrets that he has yet to share. Make sure you go and check out the videos before its too late, only the first 1000 people will get free access

Brian's free videos about Internet marketing on facebook

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Who Am I and Why am I doing this And why I am not going to tell you to meditate for World Peace


Have you ever received one of those emails where you are asked to sit and meditate on a specific day at a certain time when everyone else around the globe will be doing the same. Many of you will have ignored these requests, some of you may have participated but all of you will have noticed that they never seem to get the results that they predict. The people who send out such requests are I am sure well intentioned, but clearly from my perspective they have only utilised one aspect of what I am going to teach, what I will term Viral energetics, but have failed to deliver the method to bring about their desired result, because of their ignorance of using synergistic energetics or synergetics for short. They may have had enough mass due to sheer numbers , but didn't know what to do with it.


I like the story of the ship that had engine trouble and the ships engineers couldn't find what the problem was, no matter how hard they tried. The captain became desperate as he had a whole ship of passengers who were not happy that the problem wasn't being resolved so he called the company who had manufactured the engine and to his great relief they said they would send out their specialist to take a look at the engine and sure enough he was helicoptered onboard the ship and taken down to take a look at the engine room. The engines were running but were making terrible noises and steam was coming out of pipes all over the place. The specialist told everyone to be quiet, as he carefully listened to the engine, He then walked around all the pipes feeling them , He opened the oil filler cap and sniffed inside. He then stepped back and looked at the whole engine room , observing the pipes and pistons and the patterns of steam that was sputtering irregularly.


He then opened his black tool bag that he had been carrying and took out a small hammer. He slowly walked over to the engine and with one small tap he hit one of the pipes that was tangled in the maze of pipes and machinery . The engine sputtered once , made a hiccuup sound and then suddenly returned to Normal, all the irregularities and disturbances had vanished and the engines were back to operating how they were designed to. The specialist turned around, took an invoice pad out of his bag and proceeded to write out a bill for the job and handed it to the Captain. The Captain was shocked when he saw the total was for$10,000. He started to complain to the specialist that it was ridiculous to charge $10,000 just for making a tap with a hammer. "Ok ", said the specialist," I see your point, I will make you an itemised bill", he picked up the pad again and scribbled the new invoice and handed it to the captain, on it was written 3 line lines

For supplying and giving a Tap with Hammer $1

For Knowing where to Tap $9999

Total $10,000


I was always hoping to meet other people who had a similar training to myself but as yet no one has crossed my path. I am not going to specifically explain who I am or make any bold claims about what I have accomplished in the past, This will all come out over time as we all get to know each other better, but what I can say is I have spent the last 14 years specifically training for this moment in my life.


I used to be involved with a group of people who were all specialists, they had all chosen to give up their normal lives and come and live together in what can only be termed a laboratory experiment in human consciousness. As with all scientific explorations we had to keep repeating the experiments and refining our equations and hypotheses, and constantly redevelop our theories and models. We were exploring the mechanics of human potential in a group context. In order for this experiment to really be effective all the participants had to be both the scientists and the guinea pigs, it began in 1988 and continues to this day, I became involved in the summer of 1995.

5 years ago the main group disbanded and we all went our separate ways, we all had our own individual missions to fulfil and our own personal lives to bring back into balance and harmony after living so many years out on the edge and in each others pockets. I make no claims that we had solved all of life's answers, or had created the perfect utopian society in our small community, but what I do claim is that we all became experts in group energy mechanics and how to apply this knowledge to large groups. We used to test what we had discovered at international gatherings and festivals. And in these large group situations we had the most life changing experiences when we acted as the catalyst and focal point for the collective energies of sometimes up to 3000 people. It was always done in the context that we could one day scale up these experiments and shift the consciousness of the Planet.

One thing quickly became apparent in our work, a deeper, more powerful force was guiding and supporting everything we did. We were living the laws of attraction long before it became the popular buzz word that it has become today, magic and miracles were a normal everyday part of our life.

"How much money do you want?"

"How much money do you want?"

Among other things I'm a musician and one of the ways I used fund my travels was to play music, it was also a great way of meeting people and also improving my playing and I loved the feeling it gave me when I had touched people in their lives.

8 years ago I spent a year travelling around the Balkans, and used to enjoy going into these old beautiful towns and playing music on market days. This story takes place in Split, one of the major cities half way down the Croatian coast.

I had been playing for about half an hour, The street was bustling and I was enjoying myself when a complete stranger came and stood in front of me and asked, "How much do you want?"

He was an old man around 60, Tough looking but quite well dressed, he had on several large gold rings

"What?" I said, I looked at this old man taken aback by what he had just asked me. He Repeated the question again in his Balkan accented English,

"How much money do you want, How much?" I was shocked as I looked at him and even more shocked when he opened his jacket and took out a Wad of notes an inch thick.

"How Much?" he said again for the fourth time. My mouth was opening and closing like a fish, I was completely stumped and at a loss for words. He held out the money to me urging me to help myself. I still didn't do anything, I just stood there staring dumbly at him, wondering if this was some sort of joke or that he might be about to mug me or something. He saved me by peeling several notes from the block he held in his hand and stuffed them into my pocket. He then proceeded to walk away down the crowded narrow street, leaving me speechless but also excited.

I am remembering this lesson now as I observe what is happening in my life again, I am being given a huge opportunity and it basically up to me what I make of it. When opportunity comes knocking at the door I want to be ready to say yes. This is how I feel again when I see what Brian Campbell is offering in his Internet Marketing University, I knew something like this was coming, I just didn't know what form it would take.

Don't be like me 8 years ago and sit there with your mouth opening and closing, paralysed with inaction or you will be left only with the crumbs from what is going to be a sumptuous banquet. Participate, communicate and learn, don't worry about the money, that is only a side product of being successful, that will come with time and persistence and with using each others talents in positive creative ways.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pay Pal "Pay Me" Paying It Forward

Giving Away just for the heck of it

I would like to suggest a way that everyone can start to make some money right now on facebook, by adding the " Pay Me" payment application from Paypal. Just as a very simple way to allow people to show their appreciation for any service or knowledge that you have shared. I would like to help implement a culture of sharing resources here at IMU and that the people who give away the most to help others will also receive the most back in return. It also creates a great way of saying thank you. It will also help Brian achieve his goal that much faster and also contribute to the success of everyone else here on IMU. Payment in this way would act as a voting system, we could develop a rating where you can see the perceived value of each person to the network by how much people have donated, this will also save much time and energy knowing who is trustworthy or who has quality information to offer. I would like to start by asking Brian to add this application to his own profile and will be the first to donate to him for the value he has already given me and the insights he has brought to many others.

I have felt this way towards many of the top internet marketers like Eben Pagan and the guys at Stompernet, even though I have not brought any of their products I would like to show my appreciation just for the free information that they send me


Just imagine the abundance that could be available for everyone if we all gave freely to each other. It is like in the old story about the magic penny, give it away and you will get many in return. Or as Eben Pagan puts it instead of thinking how 1 million people can all give me one dollar, How can I give away hundreds of dollars of value to a million people and trust that they will show their appreciation by giving me $10.

New Mindset

It is a total reversal of the mindset that is selfish and worried about people stealing from you and actually develops a much deeper, more trusting relationship with customers and also pays off financially. They call it "Moving the free line" in IM circles and Brian has been a shining example of this type of business model and he deserves to be rewarded. Paypal "payme" might just be the icing on a very big cake that we can all share in.

I am interested in developing new models for business based on sharing and co-operation and building synergetic relationships between individuals and groups, please feel free to add me as your friend. You can find the link to the Paypal Payme on my page.

Go directly to my profile from anywhere using this address: